Hydra Yoga Spa

Hydra Yoga Spa is a Massage Clinic Yoga Studio in downtown Charlottesville dedicated to helping you move with “Less Pain and More Energy”. Specializing in Hot Yoga Vinyasa, Deep Tissue and Thai Massage, our talented Massage Therapists Yoga Teachers come to know each client’s needs individually. Small group yoga classes are offered daily and each class is structured around the specific therapeutic strength and healing needs of each student.

Our Massage… The integration of Eastern therapies makes our massage techniques deep enough to be medically beneficial but applied in a way that is not too painful. The deep compressions of Thai Massage are comforting, our Deep Tissue is simply the best and the Watsu, Aquatic Massage, we perform is “out-of-this-world” relaxing. We strive to see results in the way your body feels, looks and moves and provide financial incentives to set an affordable pace for your healing.

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Our Yoga… Hydra Hot Yoga’s warm and hot classes builds upon a highly popular hot yoga and has made some modifications to increase the therapeutic effect on the body. The heat is between 84 and 94 degrees to relax the body, increase flexibility, without becoming too hot and distracting. Alignment cues are given throughout the series to work on posture. The main goal of our yoga is to teach each student how to hold their body in a way that creates less pain and more energy within and outside the classroom. Beginners are always welcome. Please check the google calendar on the yoga class page to stay up to date with cancellations.


General Schedule:

10:00 AM Hot Yoga Blend (All Level) Kelly
4:15 PM Hot Vinyasa (All Level) Suzy

7:30 AM Warm Vinyasa (Easy Pace) Margaret
9:00 AM Hot Vinyasa (All Level) Mackenzie
6:15 Hot Vinyasa (All Level) Suzy

7:30 AM Meditative Vinyasa (Easy Pace, 75 min) Monica
9:00 AM Hot Yoga Blend (All Level) Kelly
6:15 PM Hot Vinyasa (All Level) Kelly/Mackenzie

Thursday: All 75 minute classes
7:30 Warm Vinyasa (Easy Pace) Monica
9:00 AM Hot Vinyasa (All Level) Suzy
6:15 PM Hot Yoga Blend (All Level) Kelly

7:30 AM Meditative Vinyasa (75 min, Easy Pace) Monica
9:00 AM Hot Vinyasa (All Level) Kelly/Mackenzie
6:15 PM Warm Vinyasa (Beginner/All Level) Margaret

10:00 AM Meditative Vinyasa (75 min, Easy Pace) Monica
4:15 PM Warm Vinyasa (Beginner/All Level) Margaret

Our Manifesto… Yoga and massage are becoming more and more popular as powerful healing tools.  At Hydra Yoga Spa we strive to put together a program that is the fastest way to long lasting results and moreover the most fun and the most feel good way to naturally HEAL your body AND make it stronger. Testimonials are below but words simply cannot describe how beneficial this path is to most of regular clients. We invite you to come in and trust us… You’re in good hands and good hearts… Namasté…

Book Online for Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Lessons or Massage:

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(It is not required to sign up for Yoga Classes but strongly suggested.)
Any problems with scheduling tool, to book massage with studio owner,
Kelly Zimmerman, or for any questions, call, text or email: 434-249-9744, Cvilleintegratedthai@gmail.com
More helpful info can be found on our Rates and Booking Page.

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary
    Jun 17, 2013 @ 13:32:05

    Your yoga class really gives me the time to seek the peace and wisdom in my heart. I feel great.


  2. RO
    Feb 23, 2014 @ 04:08:49

    Dude monica is the bees knees. She truly helped alot with my meditation and chakra awareness


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